Graphic Collage

This project was supposed to tell a graphic story pertaining to our topic. For my project I decided to list five inexpensive wedding flowers. I wanted my project to be simple but still elegant so that it connects with what my blog says the focus of a wedding should be. I cropped each image and edited the borders to make the photos look like polaroid’s. I then used a special font to create labels for each flower photo. The background is a photo that has been softened but it’s more of the greenery to bring out the flowers. Last but not least I used the same font I used for the picture labels to create the title “Five Surprisingly Inexpensive Wedding Flowers”. I chose this title because these flowers are ones that people normally expect these to be too expensive and tend to over look them. I thought this was important because flowers are one of the largest expenses in weddings but it’s something that appears in almost every wedding.

Logo Design 

For our Logo Design project, we utilized Adobe Illustrator. Although Illustrator was one of the easier programs for me to work and get used it was harder to think of and design a logo that was simple and could be used and manipulated to be different sizes in color. I wanted something simple and that didn’t look like other designs I had seen on wedding websites which was large, sparkly cursive writing and maybe one symbol. My blog is all about inexpensive wedding planning and has “thrifty” in the title so I thought that should be an important part to my logo. I decided to do the flag shape tool and make it look like a moving dollar. I used the shape tool to create two rings for the marriage aspect and then added a green gradient to the dollar but added a saturation to it to make it softer. Although I decided to use a cursive font for my long I did mine in a darker hue to make it stand out more and add some variation.

Audio Story


For my Audio Story, I wanted to do a story that pertained to my topic but that got more in touch with the personal side of wedding planning as well as the Gen-Y culture. My subjects were my mother and my stepfather, who have been married for almost ten years, and my sister and her fiancé, they’re just recently engaged. I interviewed both couples and asked similar questions about their wedding planning experiences and what their expectations were for their wedding day. I wanted the final product to be a compare and contrast of the two generations. I utilized Adobe Audition for this project, I did an introduction narration and then went into the interviews and split of the interviews with a little more explanation of the questions and the comparisons of the two couples. The real outcome is that the younger generation or a couple that is in their first marriage really likes to focus on the minor more esthetic details of the wedding day where my parents were more concerned with the intimate memories of the wedding day.


Video Story 


The video story had the instructions that varied with what we could do dependent on what worked with our topic. I grappled over different things from engagement rings, wedding venues, wedding dresses and found my way back to flowers in the end. I thought it would be great to do a how-to video on flower arrangements. Like I discussed with my graphic collage, flowers take such a large part in wedding expenses and if couples and families could do their own flower arrangements and décor it would cut flower expenses immensely. For this video I used Adobe Premiere. I filmed my instructional video on how do the flower arrangement along with photos and short videos of the final flower arrangements and supplies used. The instruction was filmed at a medium angle but I inserted close ups and wide angles with the different parts going into the arrangement.