Draft Video

This was a very difficult for me to find a subject for this project. I originally wanted to do my project as a narrative on engagement ring or wedding dress shopping as well as I grappled around with the idea of seeing different inexpensive venues. The issue I kept running into was that a lot of vendors would not allow me to film or interview unless I bought a product or booked the venue.


After looking at the videos for James Oliver’s Foodtube as well as other Do-it-Yourself videos I thought it would be cool to do a how to video. Even though I had reservations about doing my DIY on flowers because I had already done a post on flowers I felt that it would be a good way to show that you can do anything even when you don’t have experience.


I had little to no experience doing flower arrangements and after my friends and family had given me pointers I realized it wasn’t as hard as it may seem. Trust me, if I can do it anyone can do it!


I bought an array of flowers at Albertsons, because of spring time and Easter, they were plentiful and pretty cheap. I think planned out the sort of story I wanted to tell. I thought it would be cool to do a how to with one arrangement but then do two more different kinds of arrangements.


For the filming of my video it was hard because I didn’t have anyone who would be willing to be on camera for me so I had to do it. My mom filmed all the parts where I am talking and she has not been educated on camera handling like I have. She did her best…


I wanted a majority of the video where I am speaking to be done in a medium shot but I feel like it was hard to get the entire arrangement in the frame while still being able to see my face and hear what I am saying. I also wanted to get some close ups and establishing shots of all the materials as well as the the arrangements.


When I was putting together all my clips I had to do a lot of slicing of my original clips because of some of the technical issues we ran into while my mom was filming. I used a mixture of images, still videos, and narrative videos for my final product.


I used the effects tool to speed of some of clips because it saved time as well as I’ve seen this technique used in some other DIY videos and thought it made it look a little fun. I also added a list of supplies that people would need to make it a little easier for viewers.


This is relevant to my topic because it aligns with the subject of ways to making your wedding cheaper because this is something that anyone can do themselves. As well as in my video, I state where I got my flowers, which were inexpensive,  as well as other inexpensive options to complete their own arrangements


How to Flower Arrangement Video


  1. Wide Shot, medium and close up of all the flowers
  2. medium shot of the flower, greenery, accessories that will be used for the arrangements
  3. Choose the vase ( medium and close up of the vase)
  4. Show me with the vase that we choose
  5. Flowers base ( close up and medium of flower base)
  6. Video of me putting the flowers in the vase and arranging (medium shot, wide shot )
  7. Greenery (close up, medium of the greenery)
  8. Video of me putting the greenery into the vase and recommendation
  9. Accessories examples medium
  10. Medium shot of the finished bouquets
  11. medium shot with me and the final bouquet
  12. Wide establish shot of all three bouquets







2 thoughts on “Draft Video

  1. Kirsten,

    I enjoyed the subject of your video-I’m recently engaged and have been trying to navigate the labyrinth of wedding planning details, and DIY videos have been extremely helpful.

    I have a couple of suggestions to help with the overall flow of the video. I love the music throughout, and think it is a great tie in to your theme and target market. Sometimes the changes in volume level on the audio can be a little distracting though. I would play around with the volume on the music and try to use audio transitions like fade in and fade out for those points in the film where you use the music as your primary audio.

    It also seems like you cut out abruptly at the 2:35 mark on the video. I’m not sure if this is an editing issue or just the way the movie uploaded?

    Overall, I think you did a great job on the video, and had strong use of picture visuals to help viewers visualize the final look of their flowers. With a couple little tweaks to the music, and potentially adding some video transitions to the pictures, you’ll be perfect!

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  2. Hi Kirsten,
    I think you did a terrific job on your video story. You picked the perfect way to showcase being thrifty in a simple yet creative way. I liked the background music and how you sped up the video at one point in the video when you were still arranging your flowers. It reminded me of all of the “How To” videos that I’ve viewed on YouTube many times. After looking at your video it made me want to take a try at it myself. Also, I think your mom did a wonderful job for a beginner.

    One suggestion that I have is to think about adding transitions into your video. I think this would be a nice addition so that the clips wouldn’t cut to the next so abruptly. A dissolve transition might be an excellent choice. Right now, it seems a little choppy and transitions from one clip to the next fast.

    Another suggestion that I have is to add a few more seconds of footage of the finished arrangement. It went by really quickly, and I think it might be important to really showcase the finished product. If your clip was longer, it could be a good idea to lengthen that part just a little.

    Great job and choice for a video story!

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