Final Audio Interview

My Original Post 

For my draft interview I wanted to make it more of a personal interview. With my topic being inexpensive wedding planning I could have interviewed wedding planners, vendors, etc. but I thought it would be interesting to interview couples who were at different stages of their relationships.

My interview subjects were my mom and my step dad, whom have been married for 10 years, and my step sister and her fiancé, who have been engaged for the past couple months. I think it would be interesting to find a newly wed couple although I don’t know any newly wedded couples.

I wanted to get these perspectives from a couple who has been together for awhile as well as married awhile ago and a couple who is new so that I could compare and contrast the perspectives on marriage.

For their interview I asked my parents about their wedding and what their expectations were for their wedding and how they changed along the way. As well as, I wanted to see how their actual wedding day differed from their expectations.

For my sister and her fiancé, I asked them similar questions in regards for what was the most important aspect of their wedding day and what they expected their wedding day to be like. I also asked both couples nuances such as guest count, budget, style, etc.

I wanted to be able to have enough questions and audio footage to decided where I wanted to go with the final audio footage. I really liked the story that my step dad told about their limo never showing up. It was a story that on the day of seemed absolutely terrible but years later was something that him and my mom laugh about.

This story was an important piece to my footage because I wanted to compare my parent’s ideology of wanting their wedding to be about fun and my sisters idea of wanting everything to go as planned. I believe wedding days don’t always go as planned and aren’t always what you picture in your head to the last detail and I wanted that to be what my story was about.

For the technical part I recorded a cropped by introduction and then added my step-dad’s story after my introduction. I raised the volume as well as used the fade in tool for his footage. I cut and took out a couple parts of my parent’s footage where they were discussing the things they would do again to get a more linear answer to my question.

Then I added some more explanations of my questions and what I asked my sister into the track. I raised my sister’s volume as well as faded her in and faded her out to go into the end of my discussion of the topic.

Summary of Feedback 

The feedback I got was really helpful because it really helped me tighten up my entire post.   They recommended that I adjust my introduction as well as tighten up my narration. Then they recommended that I decrease the noise in the background because it was overpowering my interview.

Final Product 

For my final piece I decided to rerecord a lot of my narration as well as my introduction. I first tried to decrease the background noise in my parent’s interview with no luck. I ended up rerecording the whole interview which actually sound a lot more concise and the sound effects were much better than the first one. I cut it very similar to my draft audio with a few modifications.


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