Final Logo

I received some good feedback on my draft logo as well as my own self critique based on my readings on the common mistakes for a logo. I know the feedback I received was that I should make the flowers larger or more prevalent but I felt that making the flowers a key piece it would make it a little too one sided.

My original post as well as my draft are as follows:

After looking and reading through the different logos in our required reading I researched different wedding websites and blogs. For the most part all that I really found were common wedding websites and magazines. I was looking for something more detailed then these. When I went to research the best wedding blogs, I came across the website Bridal Musing which had an article with 100 Best Wedding Blogs.

What I liked about this post is that it really had a range of different wedding blogs in terms of different ethnicities, different religions, same sex marriages, etc. I browsed through some of those blogs to kind of see how logos or designs varied. All of them had varying designs but they were all very simplistic but classic.

In this post there was a section called “Budget Wedding Blog”. I noticed that a majority of these blogs

The Budget Savvy Bride

Kiss My Tulle

All had very similar designs with the script writing and gold glitter like fonts. I like that they were simplistic but still beautiful because that way it keeps it diverse in terms of audience but also stays true to the beauty aspect of a wedding.

The design for my logo was definitely difficult for me as I am definitely not very artsy but didn’t want my logo to be so simplistic like most other blogs or websites. My logo is a blurred dollar with a cluster of flowers in the upper left and upper right corners with “Truly Madly Thrify” vertically in front of the dollar.

For my logo I wanted something that was going to be fun but still delicate. In my about me I write about how the wedding planning process should be a fun experience and not a stressful or expensive one. That’s why I felt making a soft dollar and some flowers to lighten it up would really pair well with that message in my blog.

To form the dollar I used the technique that we uses in the banner’s tutorial to give it a slight wave. There is a gradient of different green used as a fill for the dollar. I used the ellipse tool to form the circles of the flowers and then arranged them to make the perfect shape. I grouped all the circles together then resized and copied them to form the C shape on the upper and lower edge of the dollar. I then grouped and blurred the flowers and the dollar and lowered the opacity and gave it a soft glow.

The font for the wording was difficult for me because I like the look for the script writing and wanted to incorporate that into my design. I did a script writing that was little bit more fun.

I’m looking for ways to try to make this stand out more in terms of effects or colors maybe while still having it look classy.


I decided to change up my final design slightly. I wanted to keep the idea of the flowing dollar because I felt it added a whimiscal aspect to the logo. I decided to change the internal design of the dollar to represent two rings. I used the ellipse tool for the rings, I wanted them to be thin so they made an impact but were still delicate.

I then used the polygon tool to create the diamond for the engagement ring. I wanted it to be kind of different and eclectic so I didn’t fix the lines in the middle. I felt that making these rings were more gender friendly and represented marriage more than the small flowers I had done prior.

I also changed the righting from going down vertical to horizontal to showcase the dollar shape and the rings more.



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