Final Graphic Design

My original post was with these three photos and the description below.

I researched the top five wedding flowers and composed them into what looks like polaroid pictures. For my photos I went very simplistic because I believe the focus of the photos should be on the flowers.

The odd balls: Roses and carnations
I call these the odd balls because they have the opposite reputations. Roses are known for being the most loved and most expensive flowers. Carnations, on the other hand, are typically known for being the cheapest flowers.
Roses have many color variations and are actually relatively inexpensive when purchased in the right places. The places I have found to be most the least expensive are places like Sam’s Club and Costco when you buy the roses in bulk as well as buying from a wholesale flower shop online. The online shop makes it even more convenient so it’s delivered right to your door step.

The TWO good to be true :
The flowers that I was shocked to see that were inexpensive were hydrangeas and daisies. Gerbera daisies are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. They are a great way to add a pop of color to any wedding décor or bouquet.
Hydrangeas are large so they make for a fuller arrangement with only 1-2 stems. In my experience the only down fall to having hydrangeas is that they tend to wilt quickly. What I discovered in my research is that if you cut the stem at a large angle and submerge them in water it keeps them fresher longer.

The crowd pleaser:
Baby’s breath, you either love it or hate it but it’s perfect for couples on a budget. Baby’s breath is very inexpensive and is the perfect accent for almost everything in a wedding. I’ve seen baby’s breath used in center pieces, bouquets, as well as a decorative head pieces for a more bohemian bride.


Some of the common feedback I received was that I needed to have it as one large photo instead of three separate photos. I received the advice that I could make it into polaroid which I felt was a great idea for what I was trying to accomplish.

As well as another comment was that I need to make the story relatable to everyone so I decided to add a comment directed towards the groom. Thank you everyone for your suggestions for my project. They were extremely helpful and I believe really helped create something more cohesive to the story I was trying to tell.

My final graphic design:


Blurb for the men:

I know what my guys are thinking, why the hell do I care about flowers? Well besides knowing an inexpensive way to surprise your future wife even after the wedding day it’s nice to know where your money is going in this wedding. If you can cut costs even a little that money can go somewhere else like honeymoons, your first house, etc.

My photos have color in enhancements for the bright flowers and soft details for the lighter flowers. The process I took to create these was almost identical to our layers Photoshop tutorial. All photos of the flowers above, except the carnations, came from Sacred Romance Floral.  The carnation photo came from Flickr taken by Colin Carmichael.



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