Graphic Design Draft

For my first post I decided to do some research on a variety of flowers and their cost because flowers are such a large focus, as well as large expense, in many weddings. I researched the top five wedding flowers and composed them into 3 photos. For my photos I went very simplistic because I believe the focus of the photos should be on the flowers. My photos have a lot of soft details in some of the photos and color enhancements in others.


The odd balls: Rose and Carnations
I call these the odd balls because they have the opposite reputations. Roses are known for being the most loved and most expensive flowers. Carnations, on the other hand, are typically known for being the cheapest flowers.
Roses have many color variations and are actually relatively inexpensive when purchased in the right places. The places I have found to be most the least expensive are places like Sam’s Club and Costco when you buy the roses in bulk as well as buying from a wholesale flower shop online. The online shop makes it even more convenient so it’s delivered right to your door step.
I discovered these photos on With the design I decided to make the carnations the focus of the photo and brighten the white of the flower. Then I cut and embedded the image of the rose into the canvas. I blended the two photos and brought the carnations to the front. I chose to do minimal coloring enhancements because I believe these flowers can be used as filler flowers or in different ways whether it’s for décor purposes or for bouquets.

The two good to be true: Daises and Hydrangeas
I was shocked to see that hydrangeas and daisies were actually seen to be an inexpensive wedding flower. Gerbera daisies are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. They are a great way to add a pop of color to any wedding décor or bouquet.
Hydrangeas are large so they make for a fuller arrangement with only 1-2 stems. In my experience the only down fall to having hydrangeas is that they tend to wilt quickly. What I discovered in my research is that if you cut the stem at a large angle and submerge them in water it keeps them fresher longer.
The photo was taken by Sacred Romance Floral I wanted the main focus of this piece to be the bright colors of the daises and the hydrangeas. For the daises I increased the magenta in the color balance to bring out the pink in the daisies. This emphasizes my point about adding a pop of color to the bouquet. For the background I brought it back to the green background the photo already had and made it a little softer.

The crowd pleaser: Baby’s Breath
Baby’s breath, you either love it or hate it but it’s perfect for couples on a budget. Baby’s breath is very inexpensive and is the perfect accent for almost everything in a wedding. I’ve seen baby’s breath used in center pieces, bouquets, and like in this picture as a decorative head pieces for a more bohemian bride or flower girls.
The photo of the baby’s breath I received from Sacred Romance Floral.  You will notice that it also has roses in there which I love as it references to my earlier statement as well. I thought it was important to make this as soft as possible because baby’s breath is a delicate flower. I added a soft glow to the photo and a softer glow to the baby’s breath as well as the filler behind the text is a light beige and I feathered it to look lighter as well.


4 thoughts on “Graphic Design Draft

  1. Kristen,
    I really enjoyed your blog! I enjoyed reading the background on these flower arrangements; you provided me with a lot of information I did not know, and I was interested in your blog. I also like how you chose colors that tied into each flower arrangement and made the colors pop. My two suggestions would be:

    1. Merge your arrangements to one photo and layer them on top of each other. By layering these photos, you can easily compare the three options which would help your followers decide which arrange they like best.
    2. Another thing you can do is add boarders to these photos and choose one background. You could use something like the cork background we used in the tutorials and put a boarder around each arrangement to make it look like a photo. You could add something like a string to the top to hang the photos and make them look like a polaroid.

    Overall, I think this is a great start and I really like how you made the colors pop for each arrangement. You did a great job executing your theme.

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  2. Hi Kirsten,
    I think your site is a great idea. I love flowers – daisy’s and sunflowers are my favorites. I think flowers are a great way to represent an occasion since they mark memorial moments. I would always take my grandma sunflowers to her nursing home, so sunflowers always make me think of her and smile.

    My first suggestion is – my understanding of the assignment was to have the three images on one poster/canvas. I would suggest creating your poster/canvas as a display of the three arrangements as examples you can make for your clients for their special day.

    My second suggestion is explaining on your canvas why you choose these five flowers. I know you have the explanation on your blog but a potential client may not read the blog. I am visioning a post/canvas with the flower images with text/copy next to them with your descriptions.

    I think your design is strong with the pretty images that you have chosen and the description of each of the flowers. I think this will help a bride or party planner in deciding which flowers are best for their event.

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  3. Kristen,
    Your overall post was very informative and was a pleasure to learn about the different arrangements possible. Even as a guy it actually an interesting read. The thing I believe you nailed was the text portion, it really stood out and drew in my eyes right away. Two things I believe you could work on and or adjust is…
    1. Im not for sure and I doubled check but I believe it was suppose to be one whole picture with different layers in whole picture. I would stick with the same photos you already created however, put into one background that could be a possible to be one whole solid color.
    2. Part of the project is to tell a story and you did that with the post however, the story should be part of the picture. In a story there needs to be an interest to the whole audience not just some. I feel it would be good to have why section, why this means so much to you and or the audience.
    Overall I like the photos and the texts, just bring it all together and it will be amazing. Great Work!!!

    Joshua Terris

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  4. Thank you everyone for the great feedback. I definitely struggled with this first draft because although I knew what message I wanted to get across I wasn’t sure quite how to do it.

    I know everyone made it a point that it was supposed to be one image with multiple images inside. That was my misunderstanding since I thought that we needed to have three total images not three images in one project. I will definitely fix that as well as I feel that it will make my story a little bit easier to tell and follow.

    I liked the idea to make it look like a story board with the photo’s looking like Polaroid’s. I believe this will definitely be more cohesive and people will be able to get one streamlined look at all of the flowers. I believe this will also resolve the issue of being able to tell my story more in the photo than in the post.


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